• Hans Clevers, PhD, 2019 Fawcett Lecturer

  • The Cell Biology Research Scholars Program is a Harvard University summer internship for undergraduate students with a passion for scientific discovery and fundamental biology.
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  • Images courtesy of Talley Lambert, PhD (Cell Biology Microscopy Facility)



Hemsley and Lunadel Matthews retire after a combined 61 years of service - Nov 19, 2019淮南富旺万商贸有限公司

Hemsley and Lunadel Matthews retire after a combined 61 years of service

After a combined 61 years of service, Hemsley and Lunadel Matthews are retiring from our department. This power couple has worked tirelessley over the last 30 years to ensure that albs are fully stocked to function on a daily basis. They have worked in our department longer than most of us can remember, and they will be sorely missed. We thank them for their service and wish them the best on their next chapter! Learn about their future plans ...Read more >>


Protein structure from experimental evolution - Dec 17, 2019吉首荣荣茂设备有限公司

Protein structure from experimental evolution
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The Sander lab has demonstrated that artificial evolution can provide sufficient information to correctly compute protein 3D structure. Proteins, which are made up of a sequence of amino acids, are fundamental units of biological function and evolution. The key to protein function lies in how these amino acids interact with one another to produce intricate protein 3D structure. In a recent paper published in the
...

Farese/Walther Lab sheds light on a "drop's props" - Nov 18, 2019宁夏辉飞厚有限公司

Farese/Walther Lab sheds light on a "drop's props"
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Lipid droplets (LDs) store lipids for making cellular membranes and for metabolic energy, but it’s unclear exactly how they’re made. A team led by Robert Farese, Tobias Walther, and Jeeyun Chung (HMS/HSPH) discovered that a complex of lipid droplet assembly factor 1 in interaction with seipin, an endoplasmic reticulum (ER) protein, is the core protein machinery that drives the formation of LDs and determines where
...

Haigis Lab determines activated T cells need alanine - Sep 27, 2019文山多正巨贸易有限公司

Haigis Lab determines activated T cells need alanine
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In order to properly respond to invading pathogens, T cells transition from a state of quiescence to a state of activation. This transition is metabolically challenging and to support their growth and functional demands, T cells rely on environmental nutrients. In their recent study published in Cell Reports, the Haigis
...
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